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What We Do

Media Outbreak offers a variety of digital services to clients of all sizes and industries.  Not only do we provide digital design services, but we also interface with our clients throughout the project/s and fully support our clients after the project is complete.  From start to finish, we communicate each step of the process.

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Who We Are

Media Outbreak is a team of experienced design professionals.  The company was founded by Christopher Wightman back in 2006 in Indiana. His current role in the company is creative director due to proven track record of quality assurance. He has a eye for detail and overall design, usability and creative vision. Everything goes through him first and the rest of the team appreciates the lebel of care that goes into each project.

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What We Offer

Media Outbreak specializes in digital design services.  This encompasses a few different areas, but we mainly focus on Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Campaigns, Web Development and Multimedia.  If you have questions on a service not listed here and its digital, we can most likely do it.  We also have a sister company that specializes in game design.

Our Philosophy

We believe every business deserves a high quality, modern and affordable website. This is why we have created our affordable monthly plans that cuts any large upfront costs out of the picture. Our small setup fee and low monthly payments are attainable for small businesses. Media Outbreak employs award winning CMS platforms for our clients which use the latest design standards. We optimize your website to ensure it can be found in the search engines while also providing tracking tools to help keep you on top of your rankings and SEO efforts. We offer personalized consultation to each one of our clients ensuring your solution will work for you. We can help you by offering a FREE website evaluation or by planning a new website from scratch. Whatever your scenario, we are here as your personal design partner! Contact us to get started!

Our Process

Our Successful 5 Step Process

Our proven 5 step process is something we implement for each project we start.  Each project starts with the Discovery Phase where we perform a full site evaluation and a branding review so we can see where you are and where you need to be.  The Definition Phase is where we layout the plan for going forward and why we suggest such actions as well as a share our vision for your sitemap and wire frames if applicable.  The Design & Development Phases are where we actually do the production based on our findings from discovery and the plan from definition.  The Deployment Phase is where we actually deploy the project in its final environment and walk through any training or final steps that need to be completed.

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We offer FREE initial consultations and a full brand review, No Strings Attached.[/action]