FREE Tools for Any Business

There are so many free and awesome tools available to businesses today if they are informed and know how to use them (or know somebody that does).

Two of our favorites by far have been:

WordPress – Free to host on your own server and free to use if you know how.  There are a TON of free resources and training for WordPress.  Most of our own and client sites run on the WordPress framework.  It is completely versatile since it is open source and outside programmers can create plugins for it.

Google – Google has endless FREE applications from email to Website Management Tools.  You also have the choice of upgrading to their business email plan.  We use their software for a wide range of uses, but most widely used is the Google Drive Application for storage, document sharing and images.

Our FREE evaluations offer a review of your current business productivity tools, if applicable, and recommendations such as the above for how you can utilize FREE tools for everyday use.